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With the reintroduction of GCSE examinations this year, 西福德海德学校(Seaford Head School)的学生们再次庆祝成绩优异.  Bob Ellis, the Headteacher commented, “What this group of young people have achieved is truly amazing; we are extremely proud of all of them.  The fact 他们比过去两年的教师评估成绩要好,这是值得注意的.  这些惊人的GCSE成绩和上周公布的优秀的A-Level成绩真正突出了我们社区的所有成员是如何共同努力克服过去两年的挑战的.  我还想向我们出色的工作人员表示敬意,他们努力工作来支持我们的学生.”


助理校长兼年度校长Jon Purdey评论道:“This is my proudest moment in education.  For the way that they have worked over the last 5 years, 这些年轻人完全配得上他们令人难以置信的成绩,现在已经为未来做好了准备.  It is great that so many of them are continuing with us into the sixth form; there is no limit to what they can achieve.”


哈维·詹金斯,他在各方面都取得了最高成绩,将学习数学, Further Maths and Physics at A-Level in the Seaford Head Sixth Form said; “所有的帮助和支持,我们从工作人员和彼此, we always knew that we were going to do really well.” 


There were excellent results across the school; Harvey, Ellen Jones, 奥利维亚·李和海登·罗伯茨一共获得了30多名9年级学生,而马克斯·布歇尔, Nilany Sathiyaseelan and Xing Wu were celebrating, 是入学以来学业进步最大的学校.

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