Our Values & Ethos

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Students and staff work with mutual respect, students respect their surroundings inside and outside of the school.



Our Core Purpose

Seaford Head School’s Core Purpose:

  • To ensure every child achieves the very best that they can.
  • 在一个安全和刺激的环境中激发对学习的热爱和对世界的好奇心.
  • 在整个学校社区中鼓励韧性、毅力、动力和雄心.
  • To produce confident citizens with high self-esteem, problem solving and decision making skills, able to embrace twenty-first century life.
  • 提升所有关键技能,特别是阅读,将其作为一项重要的技能和愉快的活动.
  • 作为一个有凝聚力的社区,支持和丰富世界上其他人的生活.
  • To participate fully, with a sense of moral and social responsibility, as citizens of this country and the world.
  • To promote democracy, mutual respect and the rule of law.
  • To be tolerant of different faiths, beliefs and sexual orientation.
  • To promote dignity, honesty, integrity and conscientiousness in all we do.


With this collective sense of purpose driving the school forward, we continue to build on the outstanding practice across all areas of the school.


Our Ethos

Seaford Head is an extremely successful and oversubscribed 11-18 school. 我们致力于确保我们所有的孩子都喜欢上学,并充分发挥他们的潜力. The combination of support and challenge provided by our staff, 确保我们所有的学生取得卓越的进步,并达到最高的标准, [based on their individual abilities]. They have access to the very latest technologies and work in a friendly, 纪律严明的环境,旨在满足二十一世纪的要求.

​We have very high expectations with regard to attendance, 行为和制服,并相信在LBET竞技的各个领域的成就应该得到奖励和庆祝. We challenge our students to excel in academic, cultural and sporting activities.

我们致力提供优质的教育和丰富的机会,让我们的年轻人茁壮成长. This pursuit of excellence is based on a strong, 家庭伙伴关系,我们一直在寻找新的方法,让父母/照顾者参与到孩子的教育中来. 我们与我们的孩子和他们的父母/照顾者密切合作,以确保学校提供一个既吸引人又有益的教育体验.​

我们鼓励我们的学生成为负责任和积极的公民,尊重他人. 他们因对LBET竞技和更广泛的社区做出积极贡献而得到奖励. 我们的精神被我们的座右铭“共同追求卓越”所概括,并由学校社区所有成员遵守的一套价值观所支撑.

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