S6H Exam Results

Best ever A Level results for Seaford Head Sixth Form!

西福德海德亚博买球年级正在庆祝自近十年前亚博买球年级重新开放以来最好的A-Level成绩,许多学生前往顶尖大学继续学习. 沿海小亚博买球年级的A*-A成绩为38%,A*-C成绩为86%, which had almost 120 students entered for level 3 qualifications this year, is expecting to achieve grades above the national average. Furthermore, 参加3门或3门以上A - Level课程的学生中,26%的学生都取得了A或A*的最高成绩.

有许多学生因其优异的成就而值得特别提及:乔纳森·罗林斯(Jonathan Rollings)在生物学上获得了4个a *, Chemistry, Maths and Further Maths; Hope Wheatley for 2 A*s in English Language and Sociology, A in History and Distinction* in Performing Arts; Caleb Golding for 2 A*s in Maths and Computer Science and an A in Business; Anna Branson for A*s in Politics and English Literature and As in History and EPQ. 这些学生都决定在接受高等教育之前度过一个间隔年.

Hannah Wright, who achieved A*s in Biology and EPQ and As in Maths and Chemistry, and Sai Garikipati, who achieved A* in Biology and As in Chemistry and Physics, 都成功地获得了在布莱顿和苏塞克斯医学院学习医学的机会.
In addition, students who made exceptional progress from KS4 to KS5 include Henry Moore, Ruby Hatcher和James Godden被伦敦城市大学录取,学习商业管理, Nursing at Brighton and Medical Pharmacology at Swansea respectively.

Rob Handy, Assistant Head teacher commented, “We knew that students were going to perform well this year but, Ofqual宣布,他们将在2019年至2021年之间将全国范围内的分数降至中间点, 我们很难自信地预测我们能做得有多好. 我很高兴绝大多数人现在能够走上他们选择的道路,无论是上大学, an apprenticeship or employment. 父母和护理人员一直非常支持我们,我们一起努力确保这个群体, 谁没有参加2020年的GCSE考试,他们的KS5教育经历了一些中断, have had every opportunity to fulfil their potential.

Bob Ellis, Head teacher at Seaford Head School added, “我们都为这群学生感到无比自豪,无论以何种标准衡量,他们都取得了有史以来最好的成绩. They worked extremely hard in the most challenging of circumstances and, with the support and guidance of our amazing staff at Seaford Head, these outstanding results are fully deserved.

Top left to bottom right: James Godden, Archie Blaber. Jonathan Rollings. Beau Evans, Isabelle Jackson, Jessica Callard, Ruby Atkins. Anna Branson

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