Student Well-being

Our Approach to Well-being

We have over 30 staff trained in Youth Mental Health First Aid.

青少年心理健康急救(MHFA)为我们的许多工作人员提供了技能和信心,以发现年轻人心理健康问题的迹象, offer first aid and guide them towards the support they need. Reach out to get support from staff if you need to speak to someone.

To access any health or well-being support, advice and guidance confidentially click on the button above.

如果网上发生了让你感到不安全的事情,你可以通过点击“点击CEOP”按钮直接向CEOP安全中心报告, scared or worried. 这可能来自你在现实生活中认识的人,也可能是你只在网上见过的人. CEOP认真对待所有报告,我们将尽一切努力保护您的安全.
As well as making a report to the CEOP Safety Centre, CEOP教育网站上有信息和建议,如果你在网上发生了什么事,可以帮助你.
Are you being bullied?
CEOP无法回应有关欺凌的报告,但如果你被欺负了,想要和某人谈谈,你可以拨打0800 1111或在线与他们交谈——没有太大或太小的担忧.

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